Buyers are responsible for arranging their own shipping, through the carrier of their choice. Most auctions will have a shipping estimate provided by, which is calculated based on your zip code and the location of the merchandise, number of pallets, pallet dimensions, total shipping weight, and several attributes that may vary for each buyer. Winning bidders will receive a link in their "Bid Won" email to easily arrange shipping with, based on their shipping estimate. While these estimates are not guaranteed, our customers have found them to be reliable in the past. 

You will be able to schedule a pickup by calling the warehouse as soon as the merchandise is confirmed as paid. After receiving payment confirmation please wait one business day to arrange shipment or pickup. Buyers are required to schedule an appointment for pickup within 3 business days of receiving payment confirmation, and all merchandise must be picked up within 5 business days of this notification. All pickups must be made using a dock height trailer. 

Key Info

  • Please wait one business day to arrange shipment or pickup. 
  • Call to arrange pickup, shipping is arranged by appointment only. Warehouse contact information will arrive in your “Order Paid” email.
  • Pickup Timeline: You must remove all merchandise you win from the warehouse within 5 business days of receiving payment confirmation from HSN. Failure to pick-up your merchandise within 5 business days may result in fees, account suspension, or account termination.
  • Shipment must be picked up using a dock-height trailer.